Three amazing Game Modes to choose from.

Path of Survival will feature three games modes to cater to different types of players, PvP and PvE modes that will feature RPG progression and character building and an Real Time Strategy (RTS) mode for clans suitable for communities and Gaming Guilds that will feature a unique Team to Earn mechanic.

Fight abominations of all kinds in an immersive dark setup.

Test your skills alone or with friends against unique bosses to compete for rewards and progress through the story.

Merciless fights with other players, become a Survivor!

Play against other opponents to test your skills and move up the leaderboard to compete for weekly $SRV rewards.
Coming Soon

Clan Wars

Clan wars is a strategy based mode with a unique Team to Earn mechanic. Team up with other players to fight for rewards on the global map. Train and command armies, deploy them on the battlefield and fight for control of territories that yield rewards over time.
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