The Team almighty.

The core Survivors that made this game possible! Thank you!

The Brains

Alexander Tomov
Alexander has founded, grown, and maintained several gaming communities in various environments, which eventually led him to the idea of building a game of his own. Responsible for business development and process management.
Alexander Nadjarian
He has extensive professional experience in programming gained through participation in various projects over the span of 5 years. Alexander oversees platform development, communicates with third parties, and provides overall technical guidance.
Blockchain Lead
Krum Radev
Self-taught developer with several blockchain projects under his belt, Krum develops and implements the logic and security behind the blockchain and integrates it with the platform.
Adrian Lekov
Extensive experience in R&D, combined with three years experience with blockchain and conventional game testing.
Kaloyan Velichkov
Content and idea generator, responsible for copywriting and building the knowledge base. Further tasks include locating suitable business development opportunities and maintaining the platform's advancement.
Community Manager
Dean Giglietti
Representing the people's voice, Dean oversees social engagement and community interactions. With a background in real estate and network marketing, he has experience in providing game value and growing communities.

Art & Design

Kaloyan Nachev
Kaloyan is an acclaimed artist, art director, producer, director, and screenwriter with more than 28 years of experience in 3d animation, art, film and advertisement. The last 7 years he has spent working with the DNADota Team.
Peter Chalakov
Peter has been an integral part of the DNADota Team with his 22 years of experience in the 3d art, 3d concept art, 3d animation, technical directing and VFX since the early beginning.
Boril Nachev
Boril studied Fine Art in Bulgaria and Italy after which helped found the DNADota Team and has accumulated 7 years of experience in 3d modeling and art.
Petar Nachev
Petar has worked as a 3d modeler and artist with the DNADota Team since its conception, more than 7 years ago.
Web/UI&UX Designer
Dimitar Tsonov
Dimitar Tsonov is Bulgarian multidisciplinary designer working in interface design, experience design and identity fields for over 21 years.

Game Development

Tech Lead
Konstantin Vassilev
Konstantin has 28 years of experience in delivering software solutions with both large and small teams. Former Technical Director at CryTek and a lifetime passionate gamer.
Game Designer
Ivan Atanassov
Ivan is a game designer since 2002, who has worked on almost any kind of game you can imagine, from Haemimont Games to Ubisoft, Ivan is now the Creative Guy in charge where his search of "the best game" continues.

External Consultants

External Consultant
Mikhail Angelov
Mikhail brings over 12 years of experience as an advisor and psychotherapist to the table. His main input is in the area of human psyche and behaviour. He is looking after the long-term team condition and mental prowess.
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