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Stage One: Closed Alpha complete!
Path of Survival thanks you all for your priceless feedback. Get ready to join the PvP arena soon!

PvP Arena coming next!

To access the PvP Arena, you will need an invite code, you can either buy an Early Survivor Pass or get an invite code from Discord
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Welcome the new era in RPG gaming!

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Weekly prize rewards, multiplied with Bronze/Golden passes.

Each week we reward the highest ranked players on the leaderboard. Winners with Bronze or Golden passes will receive up to a 3x multiplier on their rewards.

Intro to the world

By the 22nd Century, we believed science would be so advanced that it could solve all the world’s problems.  And indeed it did. In fact, it made some of us almost as powerful as gods.
The Story

Global Map

Compete with other clans on the global map. Build your armies, and fight for control of territories and buildings that yield in-game resources, NFTs and hard currency EpicLootsAndSexyBoot
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Clan Lands

Create your clan, onboard other players and earn passive and active income in the form of marketplace fees, clan membership fees and clan wars rewards.
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Mighty Skills that will lead you to glorious victory.

Collect unique skills and upgrade them to build the strongest combination that you can use in battle to defeat your foes.

Trade all kinds of equipment at the Bazaar!

The Bazaar is our built-in marketplace to allow for easy trading between players, both on-chain and off-chain. The Bazaar will be used to trade all kinds of in-game items and will feature regular drops and auctions of NFTs, loot boxes and more.

Gamified Staking rewards.

Players will be able to stake SRV tokens for attractive rewards. There will be different tiers of staking levels which will award SRV tokens, NFTs and other in-game items within the world of Path of Survival.

Chain Agnostic approach!

Path of Survival will integrate different blockchains to allow players from all ecosystems to join and play together. Starting with BSC, Cronos and Aurora, we plan to expand into ecosystems like Wax and Ethereum.
Fight abominations of all kinds in an immersive dark setup.
Test your skills alone or with friends against unique bosses to compete for rewards and progress through the story.
Merciless fights with other players, become a Survivor!
Play against other opponents to test your skills and move up the leaderboard to compete for weekly $SRV rewards.
Clan Wars
Clan wars is a strategy based mode with a unique Team up-to-Earn mechanic. Team up with other players to fight for rewards on the global map. Train and command armies, deploy them on the battlefield and fight for control of territories that yield rewards over time.

Three amazing Game Modes to choose from.

Path of Survival will feature three game modes to cater to different types of players. PvP and PvE modes will feature immersive RPG progression and character building. Clan Wars will be an RTS mode with a unique Team up-to-Earn mechanic, suitable for communities and gaming guilds.
Game Modes
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