Path Of Survival's Pitch Deck.

Summary of Path of Survival

The project scaled from a small team of 4 ppl, with an indie scale project scope in mind,  to a 20+ team with DNA Dota on board. We also got two game designers and people with 20+ years of experience in Unity and game creation.  Every single one of them is working in-house and full-time on PoS.
Path of Survival is a combination of traditional RPG and player-driven economy, where players engage in character progression by participating in both PVP and PVE content.

Players are incentivized to form guilds and alliances. Participants earn SRV tokens and NFTs in fights and tournaments. All items, characters, andclan lands are NFTs, thus giving players full ownership of their assets and allowing them to trade them on the Marketplace.



With more than 40% of the worlds population playing or having played video games, the game industry has a market size close to 200bn with a revenue forecast in 2028 to reach $435 billion.


Overall Market Capitalization, mass adoption as well as unique wallet addresses are constantly growing.


According to the latest DappRadar data, NFT sales surged to 10.7 Billion in Q3 or almost a 7x growth from the previous quarter.


In the past year alone, the TVL in DEFI has risen by 400% according to Defipulse.


Combining the value of the Crypto and DEFI space, utilizing the NFT ownership and scarcity opens new doors for decentralized, open and transparent games with real asset ownership. GameFi is not simply the nextbuzzword in the cryptosphere, it is the future of gaming.

Game Modes

The game features a many different game modes, catering to all types of players

PVP (1v1)

+ Test your skills against other opponents
+ Receive native SRV tokens and gold coins
+ Gain experience and level up your characters

PVP (5v5)

+ Team up with friends and strangers
+ Test your skills against other teams
+ Receive native SRV tokens and gold coins
+ Gain experience and level up your characters


+ Complete dungeon campaigns
+ Unique boss fight mechanics
+ Receive native SRV tokens and NFTs
+ Team up with your friends+ Dungeon difficulty levels ensure better rewards

Draft mode

+ Win up to 13 games
+ Increase your final reward by winning more battles
+ Higher entry fees grant you higher rewards - select your perfect deal

Last man standing

+ Combat in an arena with nine other players
+ The more you survive, the better prize you will receive
+ Receive native SRV tokens, gold coins, and NFTs
+ Gain experience and level up your characters

Clan Wars

After Clan Lands become active, a world map will be released. The map will feature contested territories. Control of those territories will yield $SRV and various other rewards over time.

Value Proposition

Team to earn

By design, our Clan Lands are made for gaming communities and gaming guilds. Clan owners will be able to onboard other players in exchange for an entry fee and will also receive % of the fees generated by the clan members on the in-game marketplace. Every clan can have its own unique governance and reward distribution.

Chain agnostic

In Path of Survival, we are building a free-to-play game, with off-chain game mechanics and chain-agnostic approach. Our goal with the multi chain launch is to reduce friction for players, benefit from “first mover advantage” and keep the majority of game mechanics off-chain.

Traditional gamers

When it comes to crypto gaming, traditional gamers are left out of the blockchain gaming space due to the highly demanding entry (crypto knowledge, wallet, crypto assets),which eventually turns down the everyday player, who is not familiar with the ecosystem. We aim to change that, by creating a free-to-play game, without the necessity to connect a wallet in order to play the game. The off-chain marketplace will allow everyone to be part of the game economy, once players get used to the game, it will be easier for them to learn about the crypto ecosystem.

Gameplay, where?

Most of the blockchain games out there have poor design/gameplay and focus solely on the earning mechanism. Path of Survival’s goal is to be a breath of fresh air in the field by being one of the few games that is attractive to gamers first. We will achieve this by keeping the core game off-chain and not requiring a wallet to sign in, allowing for the creation of the best possible gaming experience and reducing friction for traditional gamers.

Play AND Earn

Indeed, the play to earn model might be revolutionary but we believe the focus in the space is solely on the “earn” aspect and usually entertaining gameplay is lacking, so games die out once the earning potential dies out. With “play and earn” we shift the focus back to gameplay, as we believe an entertaining gaming experience is the most important aspect, and earning is an added benefit.

Clan Lands

+ Clans provide passive bonuses for the members as well as the owner
+ Clans provide passive income in the form of fees (Can be adjusted per member)Clans provide passive income in the form of % of marketplace fees generated by the members of the clan
+ Team to Earn in the form of clan wars

SRV/Game Economy


Art Showcase

Business Model

NFT Sales

Selling NFTs such as Clan Lands, Character NFTs, Equipment and Battle Pets, with time we will shift our focus to microtransactions that won’t affect competitive gameplay.

Marketplace Fees

A % fee will be applied to all marketplace transactions. We are deploying our own on-chain marketplace, where all the trading will occur.


Strategic partnerships with other crypto & non-crypto companies for in-game exposure. (e.g. Shield of Coca-cola)

In-game shop sink

Players will be able to buy consumables, cosmetics and various boosters from the in-game shop as a one-way transaction.

Community development strategy

Building a strong community is at the core of the project’s vision. Our aim is to target not only individual gamers but also established gaming communities and guilds. Focus will be on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Telegram. Along with these platforms, our team is communicating with Twitch streamers who will be testing out the game live on their streams. We are exploring partnership potential with TikTok influencers as we consider the social network’s popularity among younger crypto investors and gamers suitable for additional community growth.


DNA Dota

DNA Dota - Design studio, working exquisitely with the world famous DOTA2 platform and creating custom-made character skins


HackSoft - End-to-end software development company, solving software problems and building client-oriented products.
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