Intro to the world

By the 22nd Century, we believed science would be so advanced that it could solve all the world’s problems.  And indeed it did. In fact, it made some of us almost as powerful as gods.

The Birth of The Immortals

A powerful secret society known as The Immortals achieved a scientific breakthrough that allowed them to communicate with higher consciousness from other dimensions. This gave them higher knowledge which has the potential to solve all of humankind’s problems.

However, instead of sharing this knowledge and letting it benefit humanity, they kept it secret and used it to exert control over the world. It didn’t take long for the desire for power to corrode the organization from within. The Immortals splintered off into four separate factions, each with their own vision of how the world should be.


These powerful scientists continued to one-up each other in their technological battle, building a vortex, magnetic-powered towers and eventually a Hadron collider the size of the world. Playing with such powerful technology eventually led to a catastrophic event that disrupted time and space and shattered reality as we know it.
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